Notts County and the conman: Following your team through a football scam

The main round of the new football season feels similar regardless of the group you support. There’s a powerful blend of fervor and expectation, the first gander at new signings, a fresh start to dream that this may be the year

Whenever I sat down at a pressed Meadow Lane for Notts County’s first round of the 2009-10 season, that first-game buzz resembled nothing I had at any point experienced, in light of the fact that something mind-blowing had simply occurred.

Less than a month later, in July 2009, League Two Notts County had been taken over by a puzzling consortium called Munto Finance. They had expressed their intense aspiration to arrive at the Championship in something like five years and promised to back those plans with untold abundance.

The club’s more youthful fans, myself included, quickly started to fantasize about incredible city rivals Nottingham Forest. The more solidified allies took a portion of the loftier cases with a touch of salt. They had seen an excessive number of bogus sunrises to overdo it presently.

Notts County and the conman: Following your team through a football scam

Then, at that point, days after the fact Sven-Goran Eriksson was divulged as Notts County’s new head of football.

Indeed, even the old campaigners watched agog as the previous England chief tended to the world’s media at newsgathering. Unexpectedly, the discussion focusing on the Championship was exiled on the grounds that Eriksson planned to take Notts County to the Premier League.

This is similar to Notts County which just six years sooner rose up out of a bad dream 534 days in the organization. A similar Notts County who had reeled

starting with one assignment fought then onto the next and neglected to assemble a top-half completion in League Two beginning around 2005.

That equivalent Notts County was currently going directly to the first class, with perhaps football’s greatest name driving the way.

Game’s Strangest Crimes: The Trillion Dollar Conman

Our excursion to the big deal could never have gotten off to a superior beginning.

Notts County and the conman: Following your team through a football scam

With Eriksson watching on and a horde of more than 9,000 pressed into Meadow Lane, new marking Lee Hughes scored a full go-around in a 5-0 pounding of advancement top choices Bradford City.

Being in the group close by my family that day was probably my best memory as a Notts County ally.

Yet, none of it was genuine.

I didn’t know it then, at that point, yet there were no rich supporters from the Middle East. There was no such thing as the untold millions. It was not the very beginning of Notts County’s ascent to magnificence.

The club, the players, Eriksson, and each ally who had hoped against hope had been conned by a fraudster called Russell King and the debacle was approaching not far off.

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