What is insurance and why?

Protection is the exchange of the fair and explicit endanger of conceivable death toll, property, or property in return for cash. This permits the individual or insurance agency to face fractional or all potential challenges of the client as a trade-off for cash (premium). This is important for the risk the executives keep away from unanticipated misfortunes.

There are usually two types of insurance.

  • Life
  • Non-Life or General.

Life insurance is a strategy for transferring or avoiding the risk, loss, or danger of death. Extra security in the advanced age fills in as a viable method for alleviating the protected or his relatives from monetary misfortune in the event of death or advanced age of the guaranteed.

Non Life or General Insurance

In the case of non-life or general insurance, most insurance policies are for shipping ships and cargo. In addition, in the case of various industrial factories, fire insurance. Since these factories or warehouses have the potential for financial loss in the event of a fire. In addition, there are many other small insurances, such as vehicle insurance and others.

Marine insurance

The agreement that the guarantor executes with the assurance of remuneration in the event of harm to the vessel, boat’s merchandise, or cargo protected by a specific peril is called maritime 

Fire insurance


Fire insurance is a contract in which one party agrees to bear the risk of a certain amount of financial loss to the other party in return for compensation which means the loss or destruction of something by fire. 

Purpose of fire insurance: 

If the insured property of the insured is damaged in a fire, the insurer pays appropriate compensation. The insurer engages in the insurance business for the purpose of such investment. 3. Risk sharing: Since fire insurance also distributes one’s loss among other people in society, it protects a person from a single major loss.  

Fire insurance classification:

1. The condition of valuation of the property is written after such an insurance policy.

Overall insurance policy: Such insurance policy guarantees the loss of certain assets due to the loss caused by the stolen load worker in addition to the fire. 5: Agni Nibarani Defective Insurance Certificate: If the fire extinguisher is damaged and the insured property and property is damaged, the insurance policy taken to cover it is called Agni Nibarani Bimapatra.

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